Lotus rebuild ready to start….

by on 8th February 2015

image image


Car Is now ready to start stripping, I plan to replace the following:

1. Clutch release arm

2. Clutch

3. All 8 ball joints

4. All the rubber wishbone bushes

5. Anti roll bar buses and the drop links

6. Rear toe links

7. Shock absorber units

8. Track rod ends

9. Steering gators

10. Paint all wishbones before refitting to the car

and any thing else that’s broken when I take it apart, noticed a few things are loose like the exhaust heat shield and there are some bolts missing from the diffuser, so I’ll replace all that as I go. The car should be like new once all those bits have been replaced.

last mot I had advisories on the rubber boots on the ball joints, basically the age of the car is starting to show with degraded rubber, sounds like a lot of work, but once it’s up in the air, this car seems fairly easy to work on, let’s just hope the bolts come free and are not to corroded!



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