Spot the difference…..

by on 22nd February 2015

On taking my Elise apart, I did find some worrying damage. Going to replace thes two upper front wishbones with new ones, looks like a previous owner had a bump. Tracking must be adjusted to compensate for the slight alignment issue. Funnily I’ve driven this car around for a year like this and it handles […]

The strip down finally started.

by on 22nd February 2015

Well, I finally got started on Friday stripping the lotus for its suspension refresh and to sort that seized clutch. Gearbox is still installed but wanted to get the old suspension off first, makes it a lot easier. Here are a few photos: As you can see, ball joints are in a bad way!

Lotus rebuild ready to start….

by on 8th February 2015

  Car Is now ready to start stripping, I plan to replace the following: 1. Clutch release arm 2. Clutch 3. All 8 ball joints 4. All the rubber wishbone bushes 5. Anti roll bar buses and the drop links 6. Rear toe links 7. Shock absorber units 8. Track rod ends 9. Steering gators […]